5 Best Ultra Slim iPhone 5 Cases

Posted on Dec 4 2012 - 5:05pm by James

The iPhone is slim, trim, and beautifully designed. Covering it with a bulky case may seem like a crime to some. However in light of the recent “scuffgate” scandal surrounding the iPhone 5, many are reconsidering their “no case” position. If this is you, then check out these 5 super duper ultra slim iPhone 5 cases.

Griffin Reveal Case for iPhone 5

Griffin has a super slick one-piece case that is designed to highlight the iPhone 5’s natural beauty while protecting it at the same time. This ultra slim case features a clear polycarbonate backing and slim rubber edges to create a bumper-like case with some see-through back protection as well. It comes in 8 different colors- white, teal, orange, grey, blue, black, yellow, and pink, and is available now. Get the Griffin Reveal Case for iPhone 5 for $19.99.

Anker Glaze Ultra Slim iPhone 5 Case

Anker has a simply designed case that offers great grip and super thin protection as well. Constructed from flexible semi-soft TPU, this 2 piece case is less than 1mm thick and offers pretty decent protection for a pretty decent price. There is a translucent skin and a colored rim that go on the outside that adds very little bulk but protects if from everyday use. It comes in 7 different color/rim combination options as well which is cool. The Anker Glaze iPhone 5 case is on sale for $12.99.

splash ZERO Ultra-Slim Case for iPhone 5

The splash ZERO case is a polycarbonate case with a soft finish that adds less than 1mm of bulk to your iPhone’s size. The smooth finish lets you slide the case in and out of your skinny jean’s pockets easily and it’s got a decent amount of grip to give you something to hang onto. This case has all the appropriate ports and cutouts there so you can have quick access to everything you need. It’s ultra slim and ultra simple and comes in 6 different colors. The price is a bit high though… splash ZERO is available for $19.85

elago S5 Slim Fit iphone 5 Case

Here’s a hot little number from elago. This slim fit iPhone 5 case protects your iPhone in style. Use your iPhone as if there was nothing there with this ultra slim and ultra lightweight case. It comes in 12 (!!!) different colors, is molded to perfectly fit the iPhone 5, and comes in eco-friendly packaging as well. Gotta love companies that are becoming environmentally conscious. Plus you really can’t beat the price! Check out the elago S5 Slim Fit iPhone 5 Case for $10.99 now!

Case Mate Barely There iPhone 5 Skinny Case

For an ultra-slim snap-on design with ‘lay-flat’ screen protection the Case Mate Barely There has you covered. These cases are by far the most popular cases offered by Case Mate and they have a very premium feel to them. On the outside this slim hard case has a soft touch finish, and on the inside is a textured silicone interior pattern to improve protection and make it look more prettier. This case is available in 12 different colors and offers the best protection out of all the slim cases we’ve seen. If you want the protection of a thicker case without the bulk, then check out the Case Mate Barely There Case for $30.

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