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Posted on Sep 21 2012 - 4:33pm by Spartacus

STM makes some pretty cool bags and cases. This year they are entering the iPhone 5 accessory ring with 3 solid contenders drawing inspiration from the Sydney Opera House. Check out the Opera case, Harbour case, and Arvo case.

STM Opera Case

The STM Opera case is their base model made from textured TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane for the uninitiated). The design on the back is inspired by the tile work on the world famous Sydney Opera House. This case is made to be slip and feel good in the hand, comes in 5 colors (blue, black, pink, grey, and white) and is a nice simple case with a hint of style. The STM Opera case retails for around $29.99.

STM Harbour Case

The Harbour case is a bit fancier than the Opera case featuring the Otterbox style dual hard shell and soft shell construction. This dual layer construction has a soft lining and a harder outer exoskeleton to absorb shocks and keep your phone safe. The inside is textured as well with the ever classic Sydney Opera House tile design. There is a bit of style to this case as well on the back with a contrasting color stripe. It also comes in 5 colors. The bottom hinges open to remove or insert your iPhone. The STM Harbour case retails for around $34.99.

STM Arvo Case

The Arvo case is similar to the Harbour case but adds another cool feature with a kickstand built into the case on the back. It features similar dual density protection with a soft textured material on the inside and a harder shell on the outside to protect it from shocks, drops, and hard surfaces. It comes in 5 different color schemes (black with red highlights, pink, blue, white, and grey). The STM Arvo case retails for around $39.99.

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