LifeProof Fre vs. Otterbox Defender

Posted on Dec 7 2012 - 6:38pm by Spartacus

When it comes to rugged protective iPhone 5 cases, you don’t want to mess around. Join us and vote for in the ultimate rugged iPhone 5 case battle. It’s the Otterbox iPhone 5 Defender vs. the LifeProof iPhone 5 Fre. Who will be victorious? Only you can decide!

When you live an extreme life, you need extreme protection. We don’t all have office jobs, and even then that doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect your iPhone 5. The two most extreme iPhone 5 protectors on the market right now are the Defender and the Fre. They each have a different set of features, but at a very different price point. The Otterbox is a solid case with a hip holster that will survive almost anything, but the LifeProof is waterproof as well at nearly twice the price. So which is the best? Only you can decide…

Vote on the best iPhone 5 protective case and tell us why in the comments!

[col grid=”2-1 first”]Otterbox Defender Features:

  • Rubber shock absorbing exterior
  • Interior hard shell skeleton
  • Built in screen protector
  • Secure holster that doubles as kickstand
  • All ports protected with rubber plugs
  • Rear window for added style
  • 8 color options
  • Price: $49.95[/col]

[col grid=”2-1″]LifeProof Fre Features:

  • Hard shell exterior
  • Built in screen protector
  • Waterproof, dirtproof, shockproof
  • Slim .5” profile
  • Sound amplifying ports
  • Rear window for added style
  • Black and White option
  • Price: $79.99[/col]

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  1. Lea Levi January 22, 2013 at 12:09 pm - Reply

    My boys got me an iPhone 4 for my birthday 2 years ago. I loved it. They also got an otter case for it. Last summer I dropped the phone in the street in front of my husbands truck. I didn’t realize that I had dropped the phone. We left in the truck. Later when I went to make a call…
    Well we went back to look for the iPhone . It was still there laying in the street. My husband had run over it with the truck!
    I was so sad. As I picked it up I was not real hopeful. The otter case was a little distorted . I took the iPhone out of the case and it still worked! Thank God for otter box cases!
    Needless to say I bought a new otter box defender. The iPhone was still working fine a year later. Then it was stollen. Sad day. The one thing that the otter box can’t fix.

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