Crazy Awesome Japanese Clipboard iPhone 5 Case

Posted on Nov 6 2012 - 7:24pm by Bert

Ever wanted a clipboard for your iPhone 5? Do you find writing and typing on your iPhone to be a hassle? Well then you need to check out this iPhone 5 clipboard case from Japan!

“How you use the revolutionary iPhone 5 case? It depends on you!”

Yes it’s a little ridiculous, and yes… it’s pretty useless. But it’s ironic, and kids seem to dig ironic these days. Also, nothing says “I’m official” like walking around with a clipboard.

On the surface this is a plastic case for your iPhone with a metal clipboard on the back. But on a deeper level it is oh so much more. It’s a statement about our relationship with technology and the effect it’s having on our society, it is a throw back to simpler times when stuff just worked and didn’t need a manual, and didn’t get replaced every 7 months with something newer and better. Or maybe it’s just an iPhone case with a clip on the back…

No more pesky iPhone keyboard note-taking, just write them down! Plus, no batteries are required! And it’s multi-functional- You can hold everything from paper to cash to cards to tea bags with this one useful case! I hereby declare clipboards as the iPhone of the future! Plus it doubles as a cool pocket fashion accessory. Yes indeed, the possibilities are endless.

The Clipboard iPhone 5 Case is available for $24.90 and comes in silver and black. It’s exactly what you need to compliment your non-existent mustache and sparkly anime eyes. Plus, now you finally have an excuse to get that cool looking Lunatik Touch Pen you’ve been wanting!

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